New World Dungeons List To All 6 Expeditions

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Every MMORPG game would be incomplete without the dungeons. There are numerous other games of this type and New World is one of them. There are six expeditions available in New World. As you progress within the game, the levels become more difficult. The quests are similar to the dungeons

This post is a complete guide to all dungeons within New World and contains descriptions of each location , as well as the difficulty of the monster. The amount of time required to complete the quest and an overall difficulty level. To do this, let's explore the dungeons found in the New World, the locations of all the expeditions, and the conditions for success.

List of New World Dungeons

Six dungeons you can discover and conquer within the new world. These dungeons are also known as expeditions and require the players to be of a certain level. The first one can be completed at the level of 25 and will be completed after your character has reached level 60.


To defeat the dungeons, must have a solid team of heroes that are strong and well-rounded. They can also take on a lot of harm. There will be various bosses at specific stages that require different levels and kinds of characters to defeat them. The best way to beat them is to use the team consisting of three top damaging dealers, one tank along with one healer. Additionally, two healers as well as two damage dealers are able to perform the same.

You can find a listing of all the 6 dungeons found in New World here..


Amrhein excavation

The destroyed Obelisk also known as Starstone Barrows


Dynasty Shipyard

Lazarus Instrumentality

Garden of Genesis/Origin

Since newcomers will be moving to dungeons for the first time, we thought they should know more about the challenges they would face in the process. This is why we have created a guideline to each dungeon and for every one of the 6 expeditions. Take a look below.


This is a guide on all the open Dungeons (Expeditions) in New World. Read on to see the current dungeons available in Aeternum, how to enter them, and how dungeons are a great source of XP and loot rewards!

How to enter Dungeons

Progress the Main Story Quest

In order to unlock Dungeons You must advance throughout The Main Story until you have reached the Destiny Unearthed quest. This quest will grant you to access the first Dungeon: The Amrine Excavation.

Acquire an Orb for Tuning Orb

In order to be eligible for participation in an expedition, at least one member of the group has to have the Tuning Orb, which can be obtained either using the Stonecutting Table or Quests.

Attain the Recommended Level

All players are also recommended to meet a specific level before entering a particular expedition. The creatures in the dungeons are hard to defeat, so you might want to level up before diving into the dungeons!

Form a Party

A group of players is necessary when embarking on an expedition as some dungeons require minimum amount of players. We suggest a group with at minimum a healer, tanks, as well as DPS to create an evenly-balanced team.


You can team up with other players waiting outside the dungeon , or create a group of buddies. It is also possible to check the Party Finder board below to find people who want to join!

Dungeon Rewards

Effective Weapons for Your Level

As you level up as you progress, great trinkets, weapons, and weapons will be difficult to find. Expeditions can help bridge this gap by giving you the chance to significantly boost the score of your gear with weapon and trinket rewards which are based on your level bracket.


To illustrate for an example, the Amrine Expedition boasts amazing Tier 3 rewards that could take you from level 25 to 35 in a matter of minutes. This is why it's necessary to complete the main story quest.

Rare Crafting Materials

Expedition monsters and locations can have unique crafting material droplets that let you build powerful weapons and armor. You'll need them, not just to improve your loadout for progression and an opportunity to earn a large amount of crafting exp.


Rememberthat making unique weapons will most likely result in more crafting EXP than bulk crafting, particularly in the later levels (60-100+). Run expeditions to increase the slow rate of crafting, later on.

EXP and Gold

Expeditions can also be a fantastic option to get better at in particular if you have the support of a group of dedicated friends to share the experience with. Unlike normal content which is more geared towards solo players most of the time the Expeditions encourage teamwork and rewards you for it.


For groups seeking quick leveling and item progression explorations are the ideal option as the group farming of tuning orbs is a breeze.